Business Operation

    Dongwu Cement’s production facilities are located at Lili Town, Wujiang City, Suzhou Prefecture, Jiangsu Province, the PRC with a site area of approximately 182,000 sq.m. Located in the area known as Golden Triangle of Yangtze, the production facilities enjoy the benefit of the exclusive use of an adjoining wharf situated on the Taipu River (太浦河) since December 2003. The wharf enables the Group  to transport raw materials and cement of 10,000 tonnes per day by waterway transportation and affords the customers and suppliers convenient and relatively inexpensive transportation access to the Group.

    The Group has one production line employing a dry rotary kiln that possesses a production capacity of 775,000 tonnes of clinker per annum and two grinding mills that possesses a production capacity of 1,636,800 tonnes of cement per annum in total. The two grinding mills are for the production of both ordinary Portland cement strength class 42.5 (PO 42.5) and composite Portland cement strength class 32.5 (PC 32.5) cement products based on the production plan and market demand for each product.


    Products Introduction

        The Groups principal products comprise PC 32.5 and PO 42.5. The Groups clinker is also sold as a by-product. The products are generally sold to customers in Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Shanghai. or under our registered trademark ”.


    Corporate Honor

       Since our establishment, the Group has been insisting on the strategy of establishing and enhancing own brand “Dongwu Cement”. During the past years, we have received positive appraisal from the relevant authorities.




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